Noah ES is a subscription service purchased directly from HIMSA.

The Noah ES subscription price is based on the number of users in your Noah ES account (minimum of three users).

  • $20 (€17) user/month when subscribing for 1 year
  • $23 (€19) user/month when subscribing month-by-month

Users are defined as individuals who each have their own login within your Noah ES account.

For example, if your business has 5 hearing care professionals that each have their own login, you will have 5 users in Noah ES. If you subscribe for one year, the price will then be $100 (€85) per month for 5 users.

Database Storage

The basic plan includes 2GB of database storage.

  • If your Noah ES account has 7 or more users, the storage will automatically be upgraded to 150 GB of database, free of charge.
  • If you have less than 7 users, the 150 GB storage upgrade can be purchased for $10 (€8) per month per Noah ES account.

Q: If I decide to stop using Noah ES, can I move back to Noah System?
A: Yes. HIMSA will also provide help with migrating your patient records back to your Noah System database.

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