Noah ES is a subscription service purchased directly from HIMSA.

The Noah ES subscription price is based on the number of users in your Noah ES account. Users are defined as individuals who each have their own login within your Noah ES account.

A Noah ES account must have a minimum of three users. Pricing is as follows:

  • $20 (€17) per user/month when subscribing for 1 year
  • $23 (€19) per user/month when subscribing month-by-month
  • Free 30-day trial period (up to 3 users)

For example, if your business has 5 hearing care professionals that that will use Noah ES, you will need 5 users in your Noah ES account. If you subscribe for one full year, the price will then be a total of $100 (5 x $20) per month for 5 users.

Q: Is it ok to share a user account between different individuals? For example, if I have 3 offices, can I have one user account per office and then have users in each office share the same login?
A: No each individual must have and use their own accounts with Noah ES.

Q: Do I also need to own a Noah 4 site license before I can use Noah ES?
A: No. The Noah software will still work as long as you log in with a valid Noah ES account.

You can use the price calculator at the bottom of the page for an estimated subscription price based on your business needs.

Database Storage

The basic plan includes 2GB of database storage.

  • If your Noah ES account has 7 or more users, the storage will automatically be upgraded to 150 GB of database, free of charge.
  • If you have less than 7 users, the 150 GB storage upgrade can be purchased for $10 (€8) per month per Noah ES account.

Q: If I decide to stop using Noah ES, can I move back to Noah System?
A: Yes. HIMSA will also provide help with migrating your patient records back to your Noah System database.

Technical and Customer Support

Self-Service and Online Help Desk support is included with your Noah ES subscription. For more details, as well as additional options, click here.

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