by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

Is it really less expensive to purchase on-premise software than to pay for a monthly subscription?

Initial software price is just the tip of the iceberg when determining a software package’s total cost of ownership.

With Noah ES, many software-related tasks are performed for you automatically, in the cloud, significantly reducing disruption to your business, IT consulting fees and hidden costs.

Here is a list of Noah ES cost advantages when determining the Noah total cost of ownership for your business.

Automatic Software Updates

Software maintenance can be a large hidden cost for hearing care businesses. Upgrading software often causes disruption and downtime to your business.

Updating networked on-premise software usually requires that all instances are upgraded at the same time. This means that an office needs to schedule a time where Noah is not available for all users, or to require someone to work nights or weekends to perform the update. 

It’s no wonder why many businesses avoid updating their outdated software!

With Noah ES, this maintenance is taken care of for you in the cloud. Your Noah server is always kept up-to-date and maintained without disrupting your business, and your employees can independently update the Noah ES client software on their PCs, whenever they find the time.

Automatic Database Backup

Safely backing up your patient data outside your office can also be a hassle, and may require outside consulting services and monthly fees.

With Noah ES, automatic database backups are part of the service, ensuring your patient data is safe should the worst occur. All backups are performed in compliance with data protection regulations in your country or region.

No Cost Networking

With Noah System, sharing your Noah database in your office requires you to install and maintain an office local area network. And if you need to share your database between offices, the task will be even more complex, requiring a wide area network with VPN connections and expensive IT consultants. Not to mention support disruptions should your server or networking devices fail.

Noah ES is networked by design.

You can share your patient database with all your Noah ES users at all your offices, at home and on the road. All without additional installation, maintenance or expense.

Data Protection Regulation Conformance

Ensuring that your business conforms to data protection regulations (HIPAA and GDPR) can also easily cost many resources and consulting hours.

Noah ES helps ensure that your patient database is stored, backed up and protected in line with your countries regulations.

You will still need to conform to patient data regulations between you and your patients. However, the regulation load will be greatly reduced.

A Database that Automatically Expands with Your Business

As your business grows and your patient data needs increase, the Noah database may no longer be large enough.

With on-premise software, adding additional database space can require purchasing a Microsoft SQL license as well as the technical knowhow to install it. More consultant fees.

With Noah ES, your database size will grow automatically, as you need it. No more disruption or “Database Full” errors to contend with.

And if you subscribe to seven or more Noah ES users, you will automatically receive a whopping 150 GB of data storage for free as part of your subscription.

What You Need, When You Need It

Today’s hearing care businesses are dynamic, adding new offices as they grow and providing additional remote services such as home care for their patients. Software needs to be flexible as well, so that businesses can scale quickly and only pay for the software they need, as they need it.

Noah ES is very flexible, so accounts can be added or removed on the fly as a business evolves. For example, additional user accounts can be added immediately as new employees or additional offices are added. And each employee can work from anywhere, both in the office and remotely, and still access their patient data.

With Noah System, when your business expands and a new location is added, a new Noah System site license will need to be purchased, even though you may only be adding one or two new employees.

The Real Cost – a Summary

For your average hearing care business with two offices, the price of two Noah System site licenses may be roughly the equivalent to a 3-year Noah ES subscription for three users.  

However, this figure doesn’t tell the whole story.

Hidden costs of on-premise software, such as data backup, network maintenance, software upgrade disruption and data protection regulations, can easily add up to thousands of dollars in employee, consultant and disruption costs.

When you add in these hidden costs, Noah ES may actually cost less over 5 years or even longer for many businesses.

Try Noah ES for 30 Days

The 30-day trial is an easy way for hearing care businesses to make sure that Noah ES is the right choice for them before they subscribe.

To start your Noah ES trial, visit the HIMSA website, click on the 30-day trial graphic and fill out the form. A HIMSA employee will be in contact to help get you started.

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