by Ann Monnens,
Support Specialist

Noah ES has amazing uptime, very close to 100% in fact.

However, other factors can affect your Internet connection with Noah ES, from Wi-Fi issues to Internet service issues, or poor coverage when you’re out on a patient visit.

That’s why with Noah 4.15, we’ve added a new feature to Noah ES, local license support.

With the local license, Noah can now be used temporarily without an Internet connection; for example, if you experience an Internet outage or are working in an area without an Internet connection. When Internet service is resumed, you can then upload your local data to the Noah ES database.

How It Works

Let’s say you have planned a visit to a remote location that you know has very spotty internet.

If you have upgraded your Noah ES client software to Noah 4.15, switch to the local database Noah Server in the pull-down menu and click OK. Then enter your login credentials to log in using your Noah local license.

IMPORTANT: On Noah 4.15 and higher, the login system for local Noah is automatically enabled. To login to a new local database, use the default username “ABC” and the password “123”.

Once you are logged into Noah, if you choose Help>About Noah, you can see that you are currently using the Noah ES local license and how many days are left on the license:

Keep in mind that the local license is a temporary license only. You must have logged into Noah ES within the last 30 days in order for the local license to be active.

You can now work with your patient and save your data in the local database.

When your Internet service resumes, you can:

  • export your patient data from your local database in Noah nhax format
  • switch to Noah ES and import the exported nhax file into Noah ES. You will then be asked to merge any patient records if they already exist in your Noah ES database.

Want to Try Out the Noah ES Local Licensing feature?

If you are a current Noah ES user and you need to upgrade your Noah ES client, visit the Noah ES client download page on our website.

If you want more information on Noah ES, or want to sign up for a 30-day trial, please visit the Noah ES product page on the HIMSA website.

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