Noah ES is a cloud-enabled version of Noah.

With Noah ES, Noah Services reside and are maintained in the cloud, including database backup, maintenance, security monitoring and user authentication. You can access your Noah ES patient data by installing the Noah ES client on your PC and logging into your Noah ES account. For more information on Noah ES, click here.

IMPORTANT: In order to use Noah ES, you must first create a Noah ES account. Visit the Noah ES Support Portal for more information on signup, installation and much more.

Use the Noah ES client download in the table below to:

  • Install the Noah ES client on a PC for the first time
  • Upgrade a previous Noah ES client version already on your computer.
Noah System version 4.15.2 (build 6211)192 MB, released March 2024Download

IMPORTANT: The Noah ES client will not install on Windows 7, 8, Server 2012 or Server 2012 R2.

When installing the Noah ES client, be sure to choose the Noah ES option in the Noah Configuration Wizard: