This page describes how to and how not to use your Noah 4 license in different installation scenarios. 
How do I license my Noah if I have multiple offices connecting to a central Noah server in the main office?

Each satellite or remote office in a Noah 4 wide area network (WAN) needs its own unique Noah 4 license. The licenses will be registered to each remote office and installed on the local computers. In a hospital or clinic setting where the Noah server may not be in the audiology department but housed with other servers, the server location does not need its own license.

  • EXAMPLE: My hospital IT department requires that the Noah Server installation be located on a computer in the hospital’s data center which is located at a different address then the main Audiological clinic. In addition to the main clinic we have 4 additional outreach clinic locations that will share the same database. None of the clinics are located at the same address as the data center. How many Noah 4 licenses does my company need? 
  • You will need 5 Noah licenses. If your company has requirements where the Noah related data is located at a different physical address (e.g. in a centralized data center) and the Noah features (e.g. adding patients, saving fittings) will not be performed at that location, then HIMSA permits that this location is not required to own a separate license.

Q: Do I need a new Noah license for my new office computer?

A: If you are using a Noah 4 site license, it is good for all Noah PCs at your office location. However, if you have multiple offices, each office will need their own Noah site license. 

Q: Can I use the Noah site license on my laptop while I am out of the office? 

A: Many hearing care professionals spend time on the road, on home visits or at satellite shops. If an audiologist is based at the main office but performs home visits 1-2 time a week, they are welcome to use the office’s Noah site license. 

However, in situations where one or more professionals work frequently at a different site, a separate Noah license will be necessary.

It is acceptable to use the office’s site license on a PC while working at home to provide remote services to patients that are customers of the office.

Q: I cannot download my license. What do I do?

A: If you are having problems downloading your license, we suggest that you contact HIMSA using one of the following email addresses:

North and South America: 
Rest of World: 

Please include the following information in your email:

  • your Noah serial number or Noah license registration number
  • your name, your company name and your address

HIMSA will then contact you with the information you need to download your license.