Can I run Noah System using virtualization software such as VMware, Citrix Server, and Windows Terminal Server?

HIMSA supports running Noah System in a virtual single session machine environment (e.g. VMware workstation). HIMSA makes use of VMware Workstation extensively for quality testing of Noah System and certification testing of fitting and measurement modules and can attest to the stability of VMware and Noah. Typically, most users implementing virtual machines do so only with the Noah server, but Noah client and non-networked installations are also supported. 

Multiple Session Virtualization – Windows Terminal Server, Citrix Server, and similar

HIMSA does not support virtualized software which executes on a remote server. Popular examples include Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Server. These systems are not supported because many Noah compatible modules rely on a fast and stable connection to external hardware. Although these systems typically support port redirection (com port redirection, lpt printer redirection) multiple tests have found that the speed and reliability is not adequate.

Additionally, many Noah end users use software systems to reproduce real life sound situations for their patients. Using Windows Terminal Server or similar results in the sound being compressed which results in faulty results.

Requirements for the virtual machine running Noah are the same as those for Noah System installed on a traditional PC.