by James LaBranche,
Market Communications Manager
  • Can your audiometer and other diagnostic equipment be used with Noah? 
  • Are all your Noah fitting and measurement modules certified on Windows 10?
  • Are there any Noah compatible practice management systems available in your country? 

You can find the answers to these questions and many more under the Products menu.

Will your next audiometer work with Noah?

Noah compatible audiological equipment safely stores data directly in the Noah database. This means that it is available for use by other Noah software, such as your Noah fitting modules.

With help from HIMSA member companies, HIMSA is able to provide an extensive list of audiological equipment that is Noah 4 compatible. The table includes a list of compatible equipment from each manufacturer, along with a link to the manufacturer’s homepage.

To view this list, click here.

This table is updated periodically throughout the year. However, if you are in doubt about a specific device, contact the manufacturer for more information.

Integrating Noah with your management system

As electronic patient records (EMR) become increasingly important, HIMSA continues to receive many requests from Noah users regarding integrating Noah data with other systems.

A Noah-compatible management system provides an alternative to HIMSA’s own Noah System software. A management system is based on the same core features as Noah System software. In addition, management systems often include a range of additional features, such as scheduling and billing functionality.

 HIMSA currently lists 29 Noah Compatible Management Systems on our website and the number is growing.

 To view this list, click here. And if your management software does not provide Noah integration, ask them to contact us.

Over 100 Certified Modules from more than 60 manufacturers

The Certified Modules page provides a filterable list of all modules certified for Noah 4.

For example, you can use this table for find out:

  • If the Noah modules you use most are certified for use on your new Windows 10 computer,
  • If you have the latest module version from your manufacturer,
  • Which modules are certified for use with the Noahlink Wireless programming interface
  • And much more.

To view this list, click here.

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