by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

HIMSA is happy to announce that Noah System 4.14 is released and available for download on our website.

In Noah 4.14, all Noah ES functionality has been brought up-to-date!

This means that with the Noah System 4.14 release, Noah ES is also ready for official public release later this month.

New Groups and Locations Feature

Noah 4.14 also includes support for the new Noah ES groups and location feature, which will be enabled in the Noah ES Portal later this month.

With this new feature, Noah ES administrators can assign their Noah ES users to user-defined groups or locations. For example, you could assign a hearing care professional to one or more specific office locations. This means that professionals will only have access to patients that are also assigned to the same office location(s).

Likewise, Noah ES users can also assign their patients to specific office locations, or to other user-defined groups based on the needs of their business.

For more information on Noah ES, click here.

Fixes and Improvements

As usual, this Noah release also offers a number of fixes and improvements for better performance.

Noah ES:

  • Added – Locations and Groups implemented, ability to assign patients to offices and other generic groups
  • Fixed – many other small bug fixes and feature enhancements

Noah System

  • Fixed – If a patient import fails better information is provided
  • Fixed – Noah May Lose Connection to Database if PC Goes To Sleep


  • Fixed – starting Noah from a business system results in 2 login requests
  • Fixed – Business system is not able to select the active patient
  • Fixed – Adding patients may result in duplicate actions resolved
  • Added – https secure connection now supported

Please Note: Noah 4.14 will not install on Windows 7, 8 or Server 2012!

Noah System 4.14 is a free upgrade for all legally registered Noah 4 installations.

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