by Arild Rasmussen,
Managing Director

Thanks again to all Noah users, distributors and member companies for your help and cooperation in 2019.

2019 was an exciting year with several tele-audiology related releases for the Noah software. As part of this effort, we strengthened the communication technology in Noah and greatly enhanced Noah’s data security options.

I’m afraid that in comparison, 2020 may seem a little less exciting.  HIMSA will not be releasing a lot of new features in 2020, as we are busy making some major improvements.

Therefore, to give you something to look forward to further down the road, I would like to introduce you to a new long-term project we will be working on in 2020 known as:

The ES stands for Extended Services and, as the logo implies, the project is to create a cloud-enabled version of Noah.

Many Noah user have been asking HIMSA for a cloud-enabled solution, and our tele-audiology efforts in 2019 have provided an excellent foundation for such an endeavor.

Earlier, I mentioned that this is a long-term project and this is important to reiterate.

Functionality such as data security and cloud access are critical, and must be meticulously designed, implemented and tested. As always at HIMSA, we are committed to taking the time necessary to ensure that the software performs satisfactorily before it is publically released.

It is still early days and there is not much more information to share at the moment. However, I hope you are as excited about the potential of the Noah ES project as we are.

We will provide more details later in the year as the Noah ES project develops. 

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