by Ann Monnens,
Support Specialist

June 2018 – As announced in the Noah info channel, the Microsoft Spring Update 1803 for Windows 10, released on April 30, 2018, unfortunately breaks the Bluetooth communication between the computer and NOAHlink, as well as many other Bluetooth products. After applying this Windows update, NOAHlink users report that they are unable to discover the NOAHlink in NOAHlink Properties.

IMPORTANT: HIMSA’s advice in the short term is to delay or defer the Windows Spring update for now if you still have the option. This article provides options based on your version of Windows 10:

If the update has already been installed and the NOAHlink is required, the only way to fix the problem is to either move the NOAHlink to an unaffected PC, or to roll back the Windows update within 10 days. You will find the option to rollback at Settings, Update and Security, Recovery. Select ‘Go back to the previous version of Windows 10’.

Windows Update Status

The good news is that technical experts at HIMSA and Microsoft have been able to determine the root cause of the issue, and we are now waiting for a new insider build of Windows to verify that a solution is functioning as desired. 

Windows fix now available!

HIMSA Back-Up Plan

HIMSA is developing and testing a HIMSA provided, longer-term solution in case a solution is not provided by Microsoft.

HIMSA expects to start testing a NOAHlink firmware workaround in the near future. However, since NOAHlink is an electrical medical device, a firmware update is required to go through rigorous quality and approval processes before it may be used with a patient.  This approval and testing process often takes 2-3 months.

Therefore, HIMSA will continue to apply pressure on Microsoft to quickly release the more simplified solution in Windows. 

HIMSA will continue to update the NOAHlink status page with new information when it becomes available and will inform NOAHlink users as soon as a solution is available.

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