by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

HIMSA is happy to announce that Noah System 4.13 was released and available for download on our website on Monday January 11th 2021.

With this release, Noah ES functionality has officially been added to Noah System!

This means that Noah System is ready for the upcoming Noah ES beta 2 testing by the Noah User Group (NUG) next month. Refer to this month’s other newsletter article for more information.

As usual, this Noah release also offers a number of fixes and improvements for better performance.

  • Reorganization of Noah System menu entries: With the addition of Noah ES, HIMSA has taken the opportunity to re-organize and simplify the Noah menu structure.
  • Warning is now shown when attempting to exporting or importing more than 5,000 patients
  • Resolved: Audiograms saved in the latest format will now be shown in the Noah System Audiogram preview without needing to reselect the patient record.
  • Resolved – using the Noah System Merge Patient feature no longer causes a crash if modules are open

Please Note: Noah 4.13 will not install on Windows 7, 8 or Server 2012!

HIMSA will no longer support these OSes with Noah 4.13 and later. Noah System 4.13 is a free upgrade for all legally registered Noah 4 installations.

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