The full Noah download in the table below can be used to:

  • Install Noah System on a PC for the first time
  • Upgrade a previous Noah System version already on your computer.

IMPORTANT: Noah 4.13 and later will not install on Windows 7, 8, Server 2012 or Server 2012 R2.

IMPORTANT: In Noah System 4.15, the Microsoft CE Database is replaced by SQLite. Support for the SQL CE database has been discontinued by Microsoft. Due to this major upgrade, all users are required to upgrade to Noah 4.14 first, before they can upgrade to Noah 4.15 or later, and additional installation guidelines apply. Please review the Noah 4.15 upgrade procedure before attempting to upgrade to Noah 4.15.

Installing Noah for the first time

If you are installing Noah System on your PC for the first time:

  • For a new installation of Noah 4.15, the user will be asked to enter a password to log in. Click here for more information.  
  • The Noah System software will remain operational for 45 days after installation. To use Noah System after this time, you will need to install a Noah license. Contact your Noah distributor for more information.

Please click here to read additional installation guidelines before installing Noah 4.

Noah System version 4.15.1 (build 6210)192 MB, released January 2024Download
Noah System version 4.14.2 (build 5678)167 MB, released November 2022Download

Upgrading your Noah software

If you are already using a previous version of Noah 4, HIMSA encourages you to upgrade your Noah installation using the download link above.

  • If you network your installation of Noah System 4 (share a common database with other PC’s) then there are a few items that you must consider first before upgrading. Please click here to read important guidelines.
  • If you are currently using an unsupported version of Noah System, please click here to find the best upgrade path to the latest Noah version. 

Previous Noah System versions

To download older versions of Noah System click here.

Other Downloads

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