IMPORTANT: If you do not download and install your license file, Noah System will cease to operate after 45 days. For Noah System networks, ONLY install the license file on the Server machine.

1. Please have your Noah 4 registration number on hand:

  • When you purchase a new Noah System 4 license, your registration number will be contained on your Proof-of-Purchase certificate.

2. Make sure that Noah System 4 has been installed on your computer.

3. Open HIMSA’s registration site at

4. Click on the appropriate flag to choose the language of your choice. Then enter your Noah 4 license registration number from your Proof-of-Purchase certificate. Click Submit.

5. Click I Agree to the license agreement.

6. Enter your customer information.

7. Click Submit.

8. Click Download. In the File Download window, click Save.

  • By default, Windows sends downloaded files and programs to the Downloads directory. Most modern internet browsers do not interfere with file downloads, although some antivirus programs or strict security policies may block downloads of an exe program like ‘License.exe’. If prompted ‘allow’ the download. If you are not able to locate the License.exe file after downloading, try the download on a different machine.
  • If you are registering your license on a different computer, save the License.exe file to a USB drive. Then copy the file to the Noah computer. 

IMPORTANT: For Noah networks, ONLY install this file on the Server computer.

9. Double-click on the license file and follow the installation instructions in order to install your license file.

10. During installation, you will be given the chance of making a backup of your license file. HIMSA recommends making a backup and keeping it in a safe place. Then follow the instructions to install your Noah license file.