October 2018 – HIMSA and our employees would like to extend our best wishes to Niels Munksgaard, who is retiring at the end of October.

Munksgaard will be succeeded by Project Director Arild Rasmussen, who has worked closely with Niels at HIMSA for the past 11 years.

Munksgaard joined HIMSA as Managing Director in August 2000, and has been with us for over 18 years of HIMSA’s 25-year existence. During this time, he established HIMSA as a trusted partner for the hearing care industry, as well as a voice for hearing care professionals worldwide.

When Munksgaard started as director, his first task was to bring NOAH 3 to the finish line.

“Before Niels arrived, NOAH System 3 was delayed several times and there was pressure to get it out the door,” said Scott Peterson, Vice President at HIMSA USA. “Niels resisted the pressure and made sure that NOAH 3 was stable and reliable before putting it in the hands of hearing care professionals.”

This sense for reliability and stability has become a hallmark of HIMSA under Munksgaard.

So in 2001, when it came time to develop a new wireless programming interface for the industry, hearing instrument manufacturers knew they could count on HIMSA and on Munksgaard. And they were right. The NOAHlink programming interface has proven very popular with hearing care professionals.

From the start, Munksgaard knew that his most important task as Managing Director at HIMSA was to listen. Only by listening to our members and their customers could we offer the features they need, when they need them.

This philosophy is best illustrated by products such as Noahlink Wireless.

“HIMSA keeps in contact with our members throughout the year,” stated Peterson. “So when the new wave of BLE wireless hearing instruments arrived, Niels made sure that Noahlink Wireless was ready to provide a common wireless programming interface.”

We at HIMSA are sad to see Niels go. However, stability and reliability won’t end with Munksgaard’s retirement.

Arild Rasmussen has worked at HIMSA for many years as Project Director and is very familiar with the HIMSA way. He’s also a great listener. By choosing Arild as his successor, Munksgaard has ensured continuity and stability at HIMSA for years to come.

“I can’t be more pleased with the choice of Arild as my successor,” stated Munksgaard. “I am confident that Arild will do a great job as the Managing Director of HIMSA, and will continue the excellent cooperation we have with our member companies.”

A huge thanks to Niels Munksgaard for all he’s done at HIMSA. From the staff at HIMSA, we wish you a wonderful retirement.

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