by Ann Monnens,
Support Specialist

Last November, we referred to exciting Noah ES news for 2024 … and now it’s time for number two!

Since its release in 2022, a Noah ES subscription has included a minimum of three users, which is fine for most hearing care businesses. However, for smaller businesses with only one or two hearing care professionals, a third user account is often not necessary.

Therefore, due to a successful 2023, HIMSA has now dropped the minimum number of Noah ES users from three to two!

Together with the yearly subscription price drop we announced earlier this year, this means that for small businesses, a basic Noah ES subscription including two users is now only $30 (€28) a month with a yearly subscription!

Already have a basic Noah ES annual subscription?

You won’t be left out. HIMSA is already contacting our existing customers who use three or less Noah ES user accounts.

Ready to give Noah ES a try?

For more details on Noah ES, including pricing, signing up and our free Noah ES trial, please visit our website at

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