by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

HIMSA is happy to announce that Noah System 4.12 is now released and available for download on our website.

Noah System 4.12 lays the technical foundation for tele-health and other integration options from HIMSA member companies.

As mentioned in our previous newsletters, the most visible feature of Noah 4.12 is the Alert Dashboard.

Although you can already see the Alert Dashboard in Noah 4.12, you will need to wait a while before you can use it. It will take time for manufacturers to finish implementing and testing the communication between their portals and Noah.

Noah 4.12 also adds Service App Integration technology, allowing HIMSA member companies more freedom to offer future solutions that can exchange data from outside systems to Noah installations.

Another important feature is the addition of FIPS security compliance. FIPS is a set of security standards required by U.S. government installations.

And as usual, this Noah release also offers a number of fixes and improvements for better performance.

Noah System 4.12 is a free upgrade for all legally registered Noah 4 installations.

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