by Arild Rasmussen,
Managing Director

December 2019: 2019 marked the 25th anniversary of Noah … and what a year it has been!

In this article, we describe the progress made in 2019 on two very important industry initiatives.

Noahlink Wireless and BLE programming

Perhaps the most exciting news has been the huge success of the Noahlink Wireless, a BLE programming interface supported by all major HI manufacturers in the hearing care industry.

Noahlink Wireless provides completely wireless programming between your computer and BLE enabled hearing instruments from 13 HI vendors and the number is growing.

Noahlink Wireless is currently certified for use by 19 Noah fitting modules.

Due to this industry-wide support, Noahlink Wireless crossed the 100000 sales threshold in July 2019, after only three years on the market! Noahlink Wireless is used by hearing care professionals in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Laying the groundwork for Tele-Health

In 2019, HIMSA also made significant progress with our Noah tele-health initiative.

Last November, we announced the beginning of our initiative, laying the groundwork for tele-health features in the Noah software.

With Noah 4.9 late last year, we introduced several tools for improved data security based on the latest technology.

With Noah 4.10, we replaced the current networking technology for more reliable communication with remote offices, especially those with less stable networks.

And with the release of Noah 4.12 in June, we introduced our first tele-health feature, the Noah Alert Dashboard.

HIMSA has worked closely with our member companies to create a flexible and secure solution that can quickly evolve to meet changing needs and technologies.

With the Alert Dashboard, you will be able to see and respond to important patient requests directly in Noah. You can sort through the alerts, prioritize them, and solve the most critical problems quickly.

And most important of all, your business is always fully in charge of access to your patient data.

Although you can see the Alert Dashboard in Noah 4.12, you will need to wait a while before you can use it. It will take time for manufacturers to implement and test the communication between their portals and Noah.

However, the good news is that most major manufacturers have already begun the process. So HIMSA expects the first instrument manufacturers to already begin supporting the alert dashboard in the first half of 2020.

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