February 2019 – SHOEBOX is on a mission:  
To make hearing testing easy and available, so everyone can have access to a diagnostic threshold hearing test.

“Hearing clinics can significantly expand their business by going to the patient versus waiting for them to come to you,” said Michael Weider, CEO of SHOEBOX Ltd.

To achieve this goal, SHOEBOX believes in bringing more testing to patients in locations that are convenient to them. Truly portable, clinically accurate solutions are needed, and this is where SHOEBOX and Noah Mobile technology comes in.

 “SHOEBOX uses Noah Mobile technology to securely send patient audiogram data back to the Noah System database in your office,” says Weider. “The process is seamless, so no extra importing of patient data is required.”

SHOEBOX with Noah Mobile integration lets hearing care professionals extend the reach of their services outside of their clinics and out into the community. There is a growing movement by these professionals to dedicate specific days to testing and fitting in remote locations such as health care clinics, community centres, and long-term care facilities. Whether testing out in the community or in the clinic, hearing care professionals require accurate and reliable testing with efficient workflows. Using SHOEBOX for out-of-the-booth testing with seamless access to their Noah database is making these testing days possible.

Portable Products for All Purposes

For hearing care professionals, SHOEBOX offers a bundled solution to help address the growing needs of your clinic. This bundled solution is comprised of:

SHOEBOX Audiometry Pro which provides all the advanced diagnostic capabilities of a traditional audiometer, optimized for testing outside of a sound booth

SHOEBOX QuickTest which is a simple, self-administered screening tool that is used to identify and generate new customers

SHOEBOX Data Management, a cloud-based portal to centralize access, management, and analysis of patient data and test results. You can also configure SHOEBOX Data Management to automatically send selected data back to the Noah database at your clinic.

This bundled solution offers:

  • Simple screening test for attracting and quickly identifying potential new clients
  • Pure tone: air & bone with masking
  • Speech: speech discrimination testing (NU-6, PBK word lists)
  • Speech Reception Threshold testing (SRT/SDT)
  • Manual, assisted, and automated testing modes
  • Extended high frequencies (to 16kHz)
  • Embedded inventory, surveys, or customized questionnaires
  • Secure audiogram archiving, reporting, and export
  • Noah Mobile integration

To learn more about SHOEBOX Audiometry visit www.shoebox.md

For a list of all certified apps using Noah Mobile technology, visit the HIMSA website.

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