by Ann Monnens,
Support Specialist

HIMSA plans to release Noah System 4.15 in the coming weeks.

As part of the Noah System 4.15 installation, the Microsoft SQL CE database will automatically be replaced with the new SQLite database.  Support for the SQL CE database has been discontinued by Microsoft.

Database improvements include:

  • As part of the move to SQLite, the Noah data is cleaned and updated for improved reliability.
  • The Noah Configuration database, NOAHCfgDatabase.sdf, will no longer be stored as a separate database file.
  • The Activity log and the WSI database are moved to SQLite.
  • The new SQLite database has a 4GB size limit, the same as current Noah System. However, more efficient compression with the SQLite database means Noah System users should see a decrease in the size of their Noah database after upgrading.

In order to upgrade to Noah System 4.15, the computer will need to be running Noah System 4.14. If you are running an earlier version, the update will not proceed.

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