by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

By now, you may already be aware of the many advantages of Noah ES vs Noah System 4; easier access, setup, networking and maintenance just to name a few.

However, did you know that Noah ES is also the greener choice as well?

Cloud Services: The sustainable choice 

Cloud service providers and their data centers have a reputation for wasting energy.

However, as more and more attention is placed on energy consumption and climate impact, cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure have played a crucial role in environmental sustainability initiatives, significantly increasing their energy efficiency.

In fact, Microsoft has been carbon neutral since 2012!

Microsoft operates hyperscale, purpose-built computer facilities, designed for energy efficiency, and they continue to employ full-time teams to research and develop the best technology for efficient and sustainable operations.

Noah ES: Better features, Better conscience

Today, it is already greener to move your IT infrastructure and services to the cloud.

For example, if you have a Noah System server on premise in your office, that server is probably left on 24×7.  With Noah ES, resources are more efficiently shared between all Noah ES accounts. Noah ES is able to quickly scale up and down based on actual need, which means less energy wasted.

And cloud computing will only continue to get greener. Microsoft is committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and being zero-waste certified by 2030.

For hearing care professionals, this means the best choice is also the green choice. You can now enjoy the many advantages of Noah ES, and have a cleaner conscience to boot!

For more information on Microsoft Azure sustainability and energy efficiency, visit their website here.

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