by Ann Monnens,
Support Specialist

Restore is an Administrative function in the Noah Console that will restore a Noah database from a backup.

Restore could be used to move the Noah database to a new computer, or when a computer crash or other catastrophic event corrupts the Noah database. Restore allows you to recover the Noah database from the last backup.

Restore does not merge with any existing data, so if you use Restore know that any existing data will be overwritten, the Noah database will be complete from the time of the last Backup.

Restore is a powerful tool and it is good to consider that only Noah Administrators have the ability to Restore a database. See more on Noah User levels here.

Steps to Restore a Noah database:

  1. Launch the Noah Console
  2. Click on Database Administration
  3. Log in with a Noah Administrator account
  4. Under Tools is Summary which will show the path to the database backup if you are unsure where the backups are saved.

  5. Select Restore under Service.

  6. Navigate to the latest Noah backup in the dated folder:

  7. Select and click Open
  8. The Notification area will inform when the Restore is complete and successful.

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