by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

HIMSA is happy to announce that Noah System 4.15 is now available for download on our website.

A New Noah Database

In Noah System 4.15, the Microsoft CE Database is replaced by SQLite.

Support for the SQL CE database has been discontinued by Microsoft! We therefore highly suggest that Noah System users upgrade to Noah 4.15 to ensure continued reliability with your Windows software.

Other database improvements include:

  • As part of the move to SQLite, the Noah data is cleaned and updated for improved reliability.
  • The new SQLite database has a 4GB size limit, the same as current Noah System. However, more efficient compression with the SQLite database means Noah System users should see a decrease in the size of their Noah database after upgrading.

Important: Prepare Before Upgrading!

Due to the database upgrade, all users are required to upgrade to Noah 4.14 first, before they can upgrade to Noah 4.15, and additional installation guidelines will also apply. So be sure to set aside ample time to perform the upgrade.

To make sure you are ready, please thoroughly review the Noah 4.15 upgrade procedure before attempting to upgrade to Noah 4.15.

For a complete list of the important features and changes in Noah 4.15, please refer to the change log on our website.

New for Noah ES

Noah 4.15 also brings a new and often requested feature to Noah ES, local license support.

With the local license, Noah can still be used temporarily without an Internet connection, for example, if you experience an Internet outage or are working in an area without an Internet connection. When Internet service is resumed, you can then upload your local data to the Noah ES database.

For more information, see our other newsletter article for this month on the Noah ES local license support feature.

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