by Ann Monnens,
Support Specialist

HIMSA released Noah System 4.14.2 on November 29th 2022. This service release only provides a solution for Noah ES customers.

HIMSA has identified an issue for Noah ES customers where in sporadic cases, a schema file can lock up when trying to save a session to Noah ES. If this happens, the customer will be unable to save to Noah ES. Updating to Noah 4.14.2 will resolve this problem.

If you are a Noah ES customer, HIMSA strongly suggests that you upgrade to Noah 4.14.2. This problem is very sporadic but very inconvenient when it does happen.

Q: If I am using Noah System do I need to upgrade to Noah 4.14.2?

A: No. This service release only applies to Noah 4.14 installations that are using Noah ES.

Q: If I am using Noah System 4.14.1 in a network, do I need to update all machines to Noah 4.14.2

A: No, 4.14.1 and 4.14.2 are the same major version and work together in a networked Noah installation.

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