by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

September 2018 – As mentioned in our newsletter this month, in accordance with HIMSA’s policy of supporting Noah software for two years or two versions back, HIMSA will discontinue support for Noah System version 4.6 on November 30th, 2018.

The good news is that registered Noah System 4 users can upgrade for free!

Here are 6 good reasons to upgrade to Noah System 4.9.1.

Improved Patient Data Security

In the last few years, data protection has become a hot topic worldwide. For hearing care businesses, this has meant increased regulation to ensure the protection of sensitive patient data.

And for European hearing care professionals, starting in May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has gone into effect, and businesses based in the European Union (EU) are required to support these regulations when handling patient data.

Additional features have been added in Noah 4.9 to help ensure that data security tools are as complete and intuitive as possible. This includes the following new security options:

  • Optional Active Directory Integration (Windows) login to better control access to Noah System data
  • Encryption option for your Noah database
  • The ability to encrypt and password protect Noah exports
  • Better control of your Noah activity logs

For more information on these new security features, visit the Learning Center in the Noah 4 Support Knowledgebase.

Fast Data Viewing

Starting with Noah System 4.7, HIMSA has added a new Fast Data Viewing feature, providing you with immediate access to patient data without opening your Noah modules!

If your Noah module supports Fast Data Viewing, you will see an eye icon next to the module action in the Sessions list.

By clicking on the eye icon next to a fitting action for example, you can review instrument settings without having to wait for the fitting module to open! Or click the eye icon next to a Journal Module action to quickly browse the patient’s journal entry.

Fast Data View

Fast Data View is currently supported by the five Noah modules: Starkey Inspire OS, Oticon Genie 2, Bernafon Oasis NXT, Sonic ExpressFit Pro, as well as the Noah Journal Module.

Easily Merge Duplicate Patient Records

The problem of having duplicate patient records is a common one for many Noah installations. In some cases, a new patient record is created in error when one already exists. Or when standalone databases are combined into a networked database, duplicates can also occur.

The merge patient records feature in Noah 4.8 provides an easy to use solution for hearing care professionals to search for or select patient records in the Noah database that are duplicates, and merge the information into one patient record.

Using the new Merge Duplicate Patients feature, the professional can select the duplicate records directly in the Noah Patient Browser, right click and select “Merge Patients” (or select the Merge Patients icon from tool bar), and then review and merge the records.

A Noah administrator can also Search the entire Noah database for patients that might be duplicates.

Immittance Data Entry

The latest Audiogram Module release includes an Immittance tab, for easy entry of Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflex data into the Noah database.

The Audiogram Module can only run on Noah System 4.8 and later.

Continued Noah Mobile Support

Due to changes in Microsoft technology, Noah versions prior to Noah 4.9 will no longer run Noah Mobile products. So if you are using a Noah Mobile product, be sure to make the upgrade.

Simply put, Noah Mobile lays the groundwork for Noah compatible apps on your mobile devices, such as iOS and Android tablets. This means that in the future, it will be possible for you to use mobile apps from HIMSA member companies to work with patients in your Noah 4 database.

Potentially these apps can include everything from fitting and measurement apps to journal and questionnaire apps, ordering apps, telemedicine apps and more.

Continued Software Support

Last but not least, by holding your Noah System up-to-date you also ensure continued support by HIMSA, HIMSA distributors and Noah 4 module providers. You also ensure compatibility with the latest Windows updates.

And new Noah versions always contain improvements to fix identified issues and to improve overall performance.

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