The following is a list of training tutorials and support articles to help you get the most out of your Noah System 4 software.

Features and Functions

Menu Changes for Noah System 4.13

Noah ES configuration options in Noah System 4.13 and later

Merge Duplicate Patients Feature in Noah System

Print Report Configuration for Noah System and Noah Basic modules

How do I create a template in the Noah Journal Module?

Fast Data View feature in Noah System 4.7 and later

How to use Noah Patient Categories

Can ‘Print to File’ save you time?

Using the Noah Log Utility

Did you know you can attach files to a Noah 4 Journal Entry?

Searching Journal Entries across your entire Noah database

Customizing the Noah System 4 Patient Report

FAQ on using your Noah site license

What is the Noah Service Pre Starter?

Copying and carrying forward saved measurement data with the Noah 4 Audiogram Module

Choosing the best Noah 4 computer for your office needs


Exporting from Noah: new security enhancements in Noah 4.10

Security Related Documentation with Focus on GDPR

Noah System and the HIPAA Security Rules

FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) Compliancy

A simple way to start securing your Noah patient data

User Access Levels and Strong Passwords

Active Directory Integration Requirements

Is your Laptop Security Compliant?

Secure Noah System Patient Record Export

Patient Database Encryption

The Noah Activity Log

Editing action data stored in Noah

Noah Users are now prevented from editing actions created by another user

Deleting Patient Records

Use a Standard Windows account for greater security

The Noah Database

Best Practices for Exporting and Importing Noah records

Merge Duplicate Patients Feature in Noah System 4.8 and later

Backing up and restoring the data in your Noah database

Noah System Database Capacity has been Reached

Moving your Noah database to a new location

Exporting data from Noah 4 to an nhax file

Secure Noah System Patient Record Export

Importing data into Noah 4 from a Noah 4 nhax file or a NOAH 3 nha file

Sharing a Noah Database – part 1: See if your office already has a local area network

Sharing a Noah Database – part 2: Connecting your Noah PCs to a common Noah database

Sharing a Noah Database – part 3: Merge your patient records into your Noah office database

Noah XML Export

Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Noah System 4 Tutorial videos

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