In Noah System 4.9 HIMSA has added a feature that assists in the secure transfer of a Noah System patient record from one hearing care business to another.  Noah System offers the option to encrypt and password protect the exported patient data so that another Noah System installation can import the data.

For example, a patient requests that their Noah record be directly transferred to a second office location that is more convenient for a follow up appointment. The hearing care professional exports the patient record from Noah System, chooses to ‘Encrypt with password’ and then enters a password known to the second office:

At the second office, the patient record is imported into Noah and the password needed to decrypt the data is provided:

  • The ability to encrypt and password protect patient exports only applies to Noah System.  
  • To use the encrypt and password protect feature, the Noah System user needs the security right to export patient records.
  • The “Encrypt with password” option will be checked by default to promote good data security practice.

Note: Your local compliance or company regulations may have additional regulations on requirements for electronic transmission of patient data.  Emailing records is not a generally accepted method for transferring patient data.

Encryption is AES, with Key Size 256.