This article covers:

  • Enabling the login system
  • Creating user accounts in Noah
  • Managing Noah built in user accounts

Did you know?: If the Noah login system is not enabled, anyone opening up Noah can complete administrator-level tasks such as deleting and exporting patients!

With today’s data regulations, securing your patient data is more important than ever. The good news is that setting up basic password security in Noah System is not difficult.

Here are five easy steps to start protecting patient data on your Noah server PC from unauthorized users:

1. In Noah System, click on the Setup menu. Then choose Administration and then User Administration

2. In the Noah Console, select the Security tab. You will see this window:

3. On the Security tab, ensure that Disable login system is NOT chosen. To ensure extra secure passwords, select the option Enforce strong user passwords. Then click on the Apply button.  For more information on establishing strong passwords, click here.

4. Next, select the User List tab. 

5. Use the New button to make a unique account for every Noah user who needs access to patient data on this Noah server PC. 

IMPORTANT: When you create user accounts, ask each Noah user to choose their own user name, initials and password. Make sure that at least one of these accounts has Administrator privileges.

Your Noah login system should now be set up.

To make sure, restart Noah, enter the user name and password for an account you just made and click on the OK button. You should now be logged into Noah.

IMPORTANT: If you have just enabled the login system, then you may need to log in twice before you are logged into Noah.

Managing Noah built in user accounts

By default, Noah System installations come preconfigured with 2 user accounts:

  • ABC – this user has administrative access and is setup with the intention that it can be used as a known login to setup official and permeant user accounts.  HIMSA strongly discourages that Noah users use this account for patient activity. 
  • adm – this user account has administrative privileges.  The default password to this account is published as part of HIMSA technical training materials for HIMSA certified support engineers.

Please be aware that if the two accounts are deleted or have their password altered, then there is a risk of getting locked out of your Noah installation IF all administrator accounts lose their password.  If all access is lost, the only way that you may gain access is to, through your Noah support contact, arrange to have your database sent to HIMSA so that it can be unlocked.  This process will take several days.