At HIMSA we have heard that some work flows include printing reports from Noah System to a printer and then scanning those reports to be uploaded to electronic medical record systems. This month’s Support Tip is to try printing the report to a file for uploading to the EMR. Instead of sending a copy of the report to your printer, you are sending a copy to a file to be saved on the computer. A good example is a print to PDF file option. The Noah Audiogram report can be printed from the Noah Audiogram module directly to a PDF file, saved to the Desktop, and then attached to the EMR, eliminating the step of scanning. Print to file programs can be downloaded from the internet, often at no charge. Try searching ‘print to PDF’ at popular software review sites, such as, for the pros, cons, and costs. Once downloaded and installed the print to file software will appear as a printer selection in the Print dialog box. The example below shows the product Win2PDF.

How to print directly to a file:

  1. Choose File > Print from the module or document you are working with.
  2. Choose the print to file program as the printer in the Print dialog box.
  3. Click Print.
  4. Name the file, and save it in a desired location.
  5. Open the file and view the report!