Noah 4 Patient Categories is a powerful feature that allows you to quickly assign and locate specific categories of patients. Noah users have been surprised to see how this function can be used for marketing, patient management, and more.

Setting up patient categories is easy!

1. Select a patient and click on the Edit patient icon. You will see the Patient Details screen:

2. In the Categories pulldown menu, choose Manage Categories. You will see the Patient Categories dialog.

3. Use the Add button to add the categories that fit your unique clinical needs. When you are done, click on OK to save your changes and return to Patient Details:

4. Now you can add the appropriate categories for each of your patients. 

In the Noah Details screen, you can easily see which categories a patient has been assigned to. 

In the following example, you can see at a glance whether the selected patient had hearing loss and what type, if it is symmetrical, whether he/she is a hearing aid wearer or should be, whether he/she is living independently, and whether there are any other key issues such as dexterity, vision or cognition problems. 

5. To remove a category from a patient record, choose Edit patient, select the Categories drop down and the categories assigned to that patient will show:

Click on the category you want to remove and it will be removed from that patient’s record.

Best of all, categories are searchable using the Noah Advanced Search! For example, you can easily perform a search for all patients in the sensorineural loss category:

Results of this search can be exported in Noah format for off-site use, or to a comma-separated file for marketing or patient management.

Applying categories may take a little time for an existing database, but once the most meaningful categories have been identified for a practice and applied, they can be used for many purposes.