HIMSA has had requests from practitioners for a quick way to access information stored in Noah. They don’t want to have to launch modules to look for simple information, they want a way to just browse or view summaries of data quickly. Examples of data to be accessed might include memory settings, receiver type, volume settings, warranty, etc.

HIMSA has added a feature to Noah System 4.7 and later called Fast Data View that enables HIMSA member companies to present this data to their users in the quickest, simplest, way possible. This feature is available for native Noah 4 modules.

With the Fast Data View solution, a report can be presented with just a mouse click rather than having to go to a file for a paper report, or open the module to print or view the data. The Fast Data View is displayed by clicking on a new eye icon next to the action and that information is quickly displayed:

This information is provided by HIMSA member company modules, not by Noah itself. You can see the Fast Data view feature in action with HIMSA’s Journal Module and Audiogram Module (version 1.3). The eye icon by a module action indicates there is a fast data view available: