Protecting patient data is a high priority for hearing care professionals and for HIMSA. Noah System provides the option for database encryption for the default Compact Edition and SQLite Noah databases. Encryption makes it much more difficult for malicious code or unauthorized persons to gain access to patient data. Encryption makes patient information unreadable by anything but Noah System.

The HIMSA solution will be database level encryption, the entire database will be encrypted using a Microsoft solution. Please note that the ability to encrypt the database is offered for Noah’s default database. The Noah encryption option is not available for locations integrating Noah with Microsoft SQL Server.

By default, database encryption in Noah will be available but disabled. Businesses that want to have their “data at rest” encrypted, have the option to enable encryption, but locations that want to explore if the option is right for them, have the chance to investigate.

An Administrative account is necessary to enable encryption in the Noah Console under Database Administration, Tools.

A clear warning is present in the Noah Console that once the database is encrypted it cannot be disabled.

Noah database Backups are also encrypted. 

You may wish to also consider full drive encryption to protect other important information on your computers that does not reside inside the Noah System database”.  For more details, click here.  

Encryption is AES, with Key Size 512.