Maybe you have a new computer or server, or you are setting Noah up for the first time on a computer that is already in service in your office. If so, you will want to get Noah installed and licensed on the new PC first and then get your patient database moved over from the old machine to the new computer.

If you are using Noah 4.15 on the new server, please know that it is not possible to directly Restore a backup from Noah 4.14 and earlier to Noah 4.15. You can Restore a Noah 4.15 database from the old server to Noah 4.15 on the new server.

See more details here: How do I restore a backup from an older version of Noah to version 4.15 and higher?

The easiest option to move a Noah 4 database to Noah 4 on a new machine is to use Backup and Restore.

  1. On your old PC, navigate to the Noah ConsoleDatabase Administration, and then click on the Backup button to back up the Noah database. 
  2. Move the latest backup folder (with today’s date) from the backup location on the old computer to your new computer. The default backup location is C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah\Backup\Database.
  3. On your new PC, navigate to the Noah ConsoleDatabase Administration, and then click on the Restore button.
    It’s important to note here that Restore replaces whatever is in the database, so if you have added some test patients to Noah on the new PC they will be replaced!
  4. Navigate to the Noah database backup you just copied over and click Open. When the restore is complete, all of your Noah patient data and user accounts should now be moved to the new PC.

For more information on the Backup and Restore features, visit the Noah 4 Learning Center.

NOTE: It is also possible, but not recommended, to move a Noah 4 database to a new Noah 4 machine by exporting the Noah data to an .nhax file and importing into Noah 4 on the new machine.