Noah System 4 allows users to customize the Noah Patient Report by including their company information and logo and selecting up to eight different demographic fields to display on the report.

The logo used must meet the following specifications:

  • File type: standard Windows graphic format (jpeg, png, bmp, gif, tif)
  • Maximum Width: 453 pixels (if the logo is wider it will be scaled to fit)
  • Maximum Height: 215 pixels (if the logo is higher it will be scaled to fit)

To customize the Noah 4 Patient Report use the following procedure:

1.    In Noah, choose File, Print, Print Report Setup.

2.    The default options are shown below. Both the Title and Sub-Title lines can be customized, in addition a company logo can be added:

3. You can edit and rearrange the demographic fields that will be displayed on the report.

  • The fields that the data will be pulled from are in grey, these can be selected and rearranged by using the down arrows
  • To the left, in white, are the field labels for the report, these can be edited if desired

4.    To save the customized report for all users in Noah select ‘Save as Default for all Users’

5.    The report footer contains a signature line. This includes the signature text that is taken from the Noah User’s Full Name and a digital signature option that, once created, can be imported by clicking on ‘User graphic signature’.

6.    To add digital signatures for each Noah user log in to Noah as that user and upload signature file.

7.    To view the Noah report, select a patient and then print a Noah 4 Patient Report under File, Print, Patient report.