by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

In last month’s newsletter, Arild Rasmussen wrote about a long-term project we have been working on in 2020 known as Noah ES.

Noah ES stands for Noah Extended Services and, as the logo implies, the project is to create a cloud-enabled version of Noah. With Noah ES, Noah Services will reside and be maintained in the cloud, including database backup, maintenance, security monitoring and user authentication.

The Noah System client software however, will still reside on your PC, and perform in much the same way as it always has.

Next Steps: Testing, Testing, Testing

Testing is crucial throughout the development process to ensure that everything is on target for a public release.

We therefore asked a small group of member companies and Noah User Group (NUG) members to run a quick test of the current Beta 1 software and give us their first impressions. The goals were to test the Noah ES signup process, account administration and general performance.

We would like to thank all the participants for their invaluable help with helping us prepare the Noah ES software.

The Results

Although the test was very limited, the survey results were promising.

Nearly all the 29 testers rated the Noah ES signup process as easy to understand and complete.

Performance was also judged satisfactory, with many rating the performance as good or better than Noah System on their local PC.  Not bad for cloud-based Noah services.

And while the new account interface is not totally complete, the vast majority also found it easy and intuitive to add a new Noah user to their Noah ES account.

The Comments

Perhaps more importantly, the testers also provided a number of comments on their experience with the software.

These included detailed descriptions when things didn’t go quite so well, as well as excellent suggestions on how to improve the user experience.

We are taking notes and we expect to implement several of their ideas in the beta 2 software.

What’s Next?

As mentioned last month, HIMSA is preparing the Noah ES software for a much more complete beta 2 test in Q1 of 2021.

At that point, NUG members in specific markets will have the opportunity to install and utilize the Noah ES product in their daily practice.

Needless to say, it is essential that data security and cloud access are thoroughly tested and perform satisfactorily before any live Beta 2 testing can begin. Rest assured that HIMSA will be hard at work over the next months to ensure Beta 2 meets these requirements before it is released for testing.

Stay tuned to our newsletter for more updates on Noah ES.

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