by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

With Noah System, if you already have a local area network in your office, sharing a Noah database is relatively painless. Simply set up your Noah System server on one PC, and point to that database from the other Noah PCs on your network.

But what if you don’t have an office network?

Or what if you have multiple office locations and want to share the same Noah database?

With Noah ES, sharing a patient database for your business is easy.

Simply create a user account for each hearing care professional in your company using the Noah ES Portal. You are ready to go!

As long as they have a stable internet connection, your hearing care professionals will now have access to their Noah patient data no matter where they are.

Data Privacy by Design

Does your business have more complex data access requirements?

For example, should your hearing care professionals only have access to patients in their own office?

With the Noah ES locations and groups feature, we’ve got you covered.

In the Noah ES Portal, you can easily create a location or group in your Noah database.

For example, you can create a Noah ES location for each of your office locations. You can then assign all hearing care professionals and patients at Office 1 to the location Office 1. That way, only hearing care professionals at Office 1 will have access to the records of patients at Office 1. Professionals and patients can be assigned to multiple locations or groups, allowing you to tailor access based on your business needs.

For more information on Noah ES, visit our website.

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