by Arild Rasmussen,
Managing Director

August 2018 – HIMSA is pleased to announce the latest sales numbers for Noahlink Wireless.
Noahlink Wireless is an industry-standard programming interface based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard. This means that Noahlink Wireless can provide wireless programming between a Noah fitting module on your computer and BLE enabled hearing instruments.
Since its release two years ago, Noahlink Wireless has sold over 70000 units worldwide, and is approved in more than 70 countries.    

Most importantly, Noahlink Wireless is now supported by fifteen fitting modules: 

  • Audigy 2
  • Beltone Solus Max
  • Bernafon Oasis NXT
  • Cochlear Baha Fitting Solution
  • Danalogic 1
  • Hansaton scout
  • Oticon Genie 2
  • Oticon Prescriptives
  • Phonak Target
  • ReSound Smart Fit
  • Sivantos CONNEXX Eight
  • Sonic Innovations ExpressFit Pro
  • Starkey Inspire OS
  • Unitron TrueFit
  • Unitron Vista:fit

And two more vendors have committed to future support:

  • Interton
  • Widex

You can always see an updated list of Noahlink Wireless certified modules on the HIMSA website. If the Noahlink Wireless logo appears next to a fitting module, the module has been certified for use with Noahlink Wireless.

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