This page contains additional guidelines for installing Noah System 4.

  • The default login for NOAH System is user: ABC and password: 123.
  • Noah 4 can be upgraded over the top of the current Noah version, no need to uninstall first.
  • If Noah 4 is networked, you must install the same major version of Noah on all computers. The build number can be different. For example, a Noah 4.14.1 server can communicate with a Noah 4.14.2 workstation.
  • If your Noah installation is currently integrated with a Noah compatible office system, do not download and install Noah System 4. Please contact your office system vendor for more details
  • It is always a good idea to take a backup of your database before upgrading your Noah System 4 installation.
  • The Noah System installation also installs the Noah 4 Audiogram module, the Journal and Questionnaire modules.
  • Please note that the average install time for Noah System 4 is 30 minutes per PC. Be sure to reserve sufficient time, especially for network installations.

For more detailed installation information, refer to the installation guidelines in the Noah Knowledgebase.