HIMSA has occasional reports of the Noahlink Wireless firmware upgrades being unsuccessful on Windows 7. The firmware will appear to be upgraded to the new version, but the Noahlink Wireless device cannot be found by the fitting module or the firmware upgrader will show two versions, for example 2.18/2.19.

To fix the problem, the Noahlink Wireless needs to be downgraded and then re-upgraded to the desired version. The Noahlink Wireless Firmware Upgrader can be downloaded here. Directions to use the tool to downgrade the firmware can be found here

If the first downgrade results in the firmware still being stuck, for example 2.17/2.18, you may need to download one more version back. The firmware version 2.18 is available in the case you need to downgrade back one more version.

When successfully downgraded, to prevent the issue from happening again, it is recommended to use Windows 10 for the Noahlink Wireless firmware upgrade if possible. 

Once the firmware is successfully re-upgraded, the device can be used on any PC for programming hearing instruments.