The Web Service Intergration (WSI) membership allows electronic medical record (EMR) companies and developers to create a simple and flexible method for exchanging patient and audiometric data between Noah System and their own EMR system. 

WSI membership is a self-supported option for companies who would like to integrate to Noah, and let their customers continue to use Noah System. A WSI licensee must have enough technical knowledge to develop their solution based on the WSI documentation, without support from HIMSA. HIMSA will only support the development of WSI integration in cases where the existing documentation is insufficient. A WSI licensee must also provide all support for their own customers, including setting up the WSI connection and configuration of the local installation.

Please view the video presentation under Related Links for more information on different types of integration possibilities. 

As a HIMSA member, you will also have influence on the Noah standard, helping to determine how the standard can meet the future needs of your customers.

For more information on HIMSA membership, contact us.