In Noah 4.10 and subsequent versions, HIMSA replaced the Noah networking infrastructure based on .Net Remoting with a REST based method for more stable and robust network communication over both Local (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). This means more reliable communication with remote offices, especially those with less stable networks. This also means advanced encryption technologies between Noah Server and Noah client.

For Noah 4.10 and higher, Port 8206 must be available in addition to Port 8200.

1. If you are receiving 50138 after an upgrade to Noah 4.10 or higher, it is possible the machine is not fully up to date with Windows Updates. Noah requires enhanced Microsoft security features to be present, these security enhancements are delivered thru Windows Updates.HIMSA has developed a tool to check for the required registry keys, see the to the right.

  • Download SHA512Update to the machine or machines displaying the 50138 error and unzip.
  • Right click and Run as Administrator on SHA512Update.exe
  • The tool will either report that ‘No keys are missing’ or it will install missing keys
  • Reboot as directed if the keys were missing and have been installed.
  • Launch Noah.

2. Error 50138 after an upgrade to 4.10 or higher can also be caused by a blocked port. For Noah 4.10 and higher, Port 8206 must be available in addition to Port 8200. See the WAN requirements information.

HIMSA has a simple tool available to check if required Noah ports are open. 

NOTE: The tool is not able to check the port status before Noah is installed, it is for use after Noah is installed.

  • Download and unzip the Port Accessibility Test on the right sidebar.
  • Right click and Run as Administrator on the Port Accessibility Test.exe
  • Type in the IP address or host name of the Noah Server
  • Hit enter
  • The tool will show that it tests ports 8200 and 8206 and reports open or closed
  • Hit enter again to close the Port Accessibility Test

If the ports are closed, it could be that your network security is set to block unknown ports from communicating.

3. You can switch Noah back to genuine channels networking to test if REST is not able to communicate. This is a short-term solution; the issue needs to be addressed before the next update of Noah. Please contact technical support at your Noah distributor for more information.

Noah distributors can find more information here (you must be logged on in order to see this page).