Client Type : You need to provide information about the type of your client/application. HIMSA differentiates between 4 kinds :

  • Native Applications: These applications include mobile, desktop, or hybrid apps running natively on a device (e.g., i0S, Android)
  • Single-Page Web Applications: These applications include JavaScript apps that perform most of their user interface logic in a web browser, communicating with a web server primarily using APIs (e.g., AngularJS + Node.js or React)
  • Regular Web Applications: These applications are traditional web applications that perform most of their application logic on the server (e.g., Express.js, ASP.NET)
  • Machine-to-Machine Applications: These applications include non-interactive applications, such as command-line tools, daemons, IoT devices, or services running on your back-end

If Module ID is an unknown term to you, read this