Follow the steps below to install the NOAHlink Properties Program, and to upgrade your Kernel.

IMPORTANT:Before following the steps below, ensure that NOAHlink is already installed on your system and communicating through Bluetooth.
  1. Locate the downloaded NOAHlink update file and double-click on it. You may need to click Run to begin the installation.
  2. The WinZip Self-Extractor NOAHlink Properties Program.exe window appears. Click Unzip.

  3. The NOAHlink Properties Program installs automatically. Click Finish.
  4. Switch on your NOAHlink.
  5. In Windows, click Start > All Programs > NOAHlink > NOAHlink properties. The NOAHlink Properties Program appears.

  6. Click Search. A list of available NOAHlinks appears.
  7. In the Connect window, highlight your NOAHlink.
  8. Click Connect. Wait until Connected appears beneath Status in the Connect window.
  9. Leave your NOAHlink switched on throughout the following steps.
  10. In the NOAHlink Properties Program, click on the Settings tab, then click on the Advanced button.
  11. In the NOAHlink Properties Advanced window, click on the Versions tab. The Kernel Upgrade window displays the current version number of the kernel installed in NOAHlink.

  12. Click the Upgrade Kernel button. Select the latest kernel and click Download kernel.
  13. NOAHlink will upgrade the kernel. Your NOAHlink will switch off and then switch on again, indicating that the kernel has been upgraded.