This project page is for HIMSA member companies who develop Noah 4 compatible business systems.

For an overview on creating a Noah 4 business system, please use the Business System Development documentation in the right column. Please note that if you are not able to view the data in CHM files you should “Unblock” it in the file properties.

IMPORTANT: Noah Mobile requires Noah 4.9 or later 

Microsoft has announced that for security reasons, it is retiring/migrating their Azure Access Control Service (ACS) by November 7th, 2018. Noah versions prior to Noah 4.9 are all set up with encryption keys of the ACS type.  This means that from November 7th, 2018, Noah Mobile apps will no longer be able to communicate with Noah compatible business systems based on Noah 4.8 and earlier. 

Testing the Implementation of the Noah Dashboard and Service Apps

HIMSA has created a number of test steps to assist in the development of the new features made available with Noah 4.12, service apps and the Noah alert dashboard. You will find this document in the right hand column under Documentation. HIMSA is currently working on including these test steps in the certification documentation in the near future. In the meantime hope that you will find it helpful in your development efforts.

Noah Database Tester

Each Noah SDK version has its own version of the Database Tester tool. Be sure to use the Noah 4.14 Database Tester (from the list in the right-hand column) with the 4.14 SDK.

If you are using an earlier version of the Noah SDK, download the Database Tester for that SDK version. See Older SDK Versions in the right-hand column.

Project News

IMPORTANT: The Noah System 4.15.0 software, was released in June 2023.

Release Information

  • Noah 4.14.2 (build 5678) released in November 2022
  • Noah 4.14.1 (build 5677) released in February 2022
  • Noah 4.14 (build 5676) released in January 2022
  • Noah 4.13.0 (build 5404) released in January 2021
  • Noah 4.12.1 (build 4884) released in January 2020
  • Noah 4.12.0 (build 4882) released in June 2019
  • Noah 4.10.1 (build 4587) released in April 2019
  • Noah 4.10.0 (build 4585) released February 2019
  • Noah 4.9.2 (build 4165) released November 2018
  • Noah 4.8.1 (build 3806) released November 2018
  • Noah 4.9.0 (build 4162) was released May 2018
    • Security enhancements, in conjunction with the EU GDPR 
  • Noah 4.8.0 (build 3805) was released November 2017
    • fixed “NOAH 3 API modules give error when launching” error
  • Noah 4.8.0 (build 3804) was released October 2017
    • Additions to the DB interface (Action GUIDs)
  • Noah 4.7.0 (build 3189) was released November 2016
    • Noah 4.7 uses .Net 4.6 as target framework for all components
  • Noah 4.6.0 (build 2892) was released August 2016
  • Noah 4.6.0 (build 2890) was released May 2016
  • Noah 4.5.1 (build 2881) was released January 16th 2016
  • Noah 4.5.0 (build 2846) was released November 6th 2015
    • With Noah 4.5 the Noah Mobile interface was introduced and this is reflected in the database interface
  • Noah 4.4 (build 2280) was released in September 2014.
  • Noah 4.4 was released on January 3, 2014.
  • Noah 4.3 was released on October 3, 2012.
  • Note: When using the database tester tool, it must be placed in the same folder as Noah 4 is installed in!
  • In order to reference the GAC files from VS 2010 you can download them here and place them in a directory (and ref from VS2010)
  • The Migrate Noah 3 Modules is now available from the Components area. This can be used to migrate installed Noah 3 modules after installing Noah 4.0 on the PC. For Noah 4.1 and later there is a call in Business API that does this – Please see updated documentation.