About the HIMSA Business System Certification Test

The following sections provide information concerning the certification of business systems.

How is the testing carried out?

HIMSA has developed a test procedure to check whether Noah plus fitting and measurement modules can run together with the Business System.

The test consists of two parts; the conformance test and the integration test. Both tests are performed according to the HIMSA Certification Policy.

The conformance test, performed by the business system supplier, ensures that the database interface between the Business System and Noah is compliant with the HIMSA Test Specifications and that the Business  System hosts the Noah modules correctly.

The integration test, performed by HIMSA, ensures that all the certified fitting and measurement modules can install and operate under Noah software implemented in the Business System.

Which fitting and measurement modules are used for testing the Business System?

During the integration test, HIMSA tests the business system with the newest versions of all the certified fitting and measurement modules. In addition, every time a fitting or measurement module is submitted for certification, it is also tested on all certified business systems as well.

What kind of computers is the software tested on?

HIMSA’s only requirement is that the software is installed in a network, e.g. with a server PC and two client PCs.

How can you verify that a business system is certified?

Certified business systems display the “Tested and Certified for Noah” seal. Please note that the seal is only issued for a specific software version and test environment. You should look for the seal on cassette boxes and in marketing material.