The Noah Questionnaire Module is a free add-on for registered Noah users. It allows you to complete, store and retrieve industry-standard questionnaires to assist in the provision of evidence-based hearing health care.

The Questionnaire Module is designed with the cooperation and approval of the original authors, and includes complete instructions and academic references.

New IOI-HA Questionnaire

The International Outcome Inventory – Hearing Aids (IOI-HA) questionnaire is available in almost all supported Noah languages, and includes U.S. norms data. For more information on IOI-HA, click here.

COSI and APHAB Questionnaires

The APHAB questionnaire is now available in thirteen languages. Features include:

  • Editable hearing aid labels
  • WDRC, Linear, Young and Elderly norms
  • Automatic calculation and display of results

The COSI questionnaire is available in almost all supported Noah languages. Features include:

  • Editable Hearing Aid label
  • Drop-down menu for priority
  • Convenient check-box results entry

Common module design

HIMSA has redesigned the Noah Questionnaire Module using the same design team as the Audiogram Module. This means that the module will operate in the same familiar and intuitive way as your other Noah software. 

For example, you can now see a list of all the patient’s questionnaires on the Questionnaire Module’s main screen.

Quicker access 

The Noah 4 Questionnaire Module is now based on Noah 4 technology. This means you can now open the Questionnaire Module directly from the desktop, without opening Noah first.