HIMSA has been made aware of an issue where an end user moving from a business system integrated with Noah (using Noah Engine) to Noah System 4.15 will receive a 50138 error when trying to log in to Noah System.  

The Noah System 4.15 installer does not update the database dll path in  ServerSettings.xml to point to the Noah System dll, NoahDatabaseCoreSQLite.dll.  After the installation of Noah System 4.15, the path in the ServerSettings.xml is still pointing to the business system’s database dll.

When moving from a business system to Noah System 4.15, the following steps need to be completed for Noah System to work.  If these steps are not completed, you will receive a 50138 error.

  1. Uninstall Noah from Add/Remove Programs
  2. Install Noah System 4.15
  3. Run ChangeDBDLLtoNoahSystemDLL.bat as an administrator.  The zip that contains ChangeDBDLLtoNoahSystemDLL.bat can be downloaded here.