First, choose which database you will be sharing with all Noah computers on your network. This will be your Noah Server PC.

Now here is what you need to do on each of your other Noah PCs:

1. Open Noah System and click on the Setup menu. Then choose AdministrationNoah Server Setup and then Server Profiles. You will see this window:

2. Here we can see the profile to the local Noah database on this computer called JLBW
Now click on the New button. In the Add/Edit Server Profiles window, type in a profile name for your Noah server database, (such as “Office Database”) and click on the Browse button.

3. In the window, click on the Refresh button. All the Noah computers in your office should now appear in this list.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the Noah System version on this computer is the same version as your Noah Server. If necessary, upgrade Noah System and then restart the procedure. 

4. Click on the Noah computer that you want to use as your office database, your Noah Server. In this example, we have decided to use the computer named KD. Click OK and click OK again at the Add/Edit Server Profiles window. You will then see your new office database server listed in the Server Profiles list.

5. Click Cancel to close the Server Profiles window. Then restart Noah.

Now here’s how to test that everything is set up properly.

At the Noah login screen, choose your new Noah server profile from the pull-down menu. If your Noah login system is enabled, you will also need to enter the user name and password for the Noah server. Then click on the OK button. You should now be logged into the office database. 

Repeat this procedure for the remaining Noah PCs on your network.

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