If Noah System has been using the default SQL Compact database and is now switching over to SQL Server, there will be a NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.sdf file with patient data left on the Noah server after the migration to SQL Server.

Noah requires that the Microsoft SQL Compact database program is installed on the server, but the NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.sdf database file itself can be removed.
Follow the steps below to remove the database file containing patient data from the Noah server.

** Leave the NoahCfgDatabase.sdf in place, Noah will not run if this file is removed.

I. Verify that you have successfully switched over to Microsoft SQL Server and your patients are in the SQL database. 

  • You can do this by launching the Noah Console, selecting Database Administration, and under Summary you will see you are not using CE. 
  • Alternately you can launch the SQL Management Studio and connect to the instance you created for the Noah Database. Under Databases navigate to NoahDatabaseCore. Expand to view the tables. Open the Patient table and verify the migrated patients are present.

II. Navigate to the Noah database file, NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.sdf located at Program Files/Common Files/HIMSA Shared 

III. Rename the file to NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.old

IV. Launch Noah and verify you can select patients and work with Noah.

V. At this point you can remove the database file. You can choose to archive the NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.old or delete the file.