When launching a module in Noah 4 you receive an error about accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA) via a command line. 

On some occasions during installation Noah does not register that the EULA agreement has been agreed to.
This issue can be resolved by either:

Solution 1

Uninstalling and reinstalling Noah System. 

Solution 2

Set the properties of the NOAHActiveSingleDoc.exe window to ‘Run as Administrator’

  1. Locate the NOAHActiveSingleDoc.exe at C:\Program Files (x86)\HIMSA\Noah 4
  2. Right Click and choose Properties
  3. Choose the Compatibility tab
  4. Check to Run this program as Administrator
  5. Choose Change setting for all users, Click OK
  6. Restart Noah 4 and start the module 
  7. Press OK when the EULA message comes up 
  8. Now the registration of the EULA is acknowledged