You receive error 50006 when opening a module in Noah.

Solution 1

Check Control Panel, Display Settings to see if a custom text size has been applied:

If yes, then change the setting to one of the presets. It can be 100%, 125%, or 150% without causing a problem.

Solution 2

Set the properties of the NOAHActiveSingleDoc.exe window to ‘Run as Administrator’:

  • Locate the NOAHActiveSingleDoc.exe at C:\Program Files (x86)\HIMSA\Noah 4
  • Right Click and choose Properties
  • Choose the Compatibility tab
  • Check to Run this program as Administrator
  • Choose Change setting for all users, Click OK

Solution 3

If you are seeing this error with the NOAHaud module, this problem may be due to corrupted Visual Basic files. Try to install the NOAHfit module; in some cases, this install will repair the Visual Basic files when a NOAHaud reinstall does not. 

The NOAHfit module is no longer a HIMSA certified a module and therefore not available for download. Please contact your Noah support representative if you need a copy of the module for troubleshooting.